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    Slip on your overalls, grab your seed bag, and round up your four-legged friends for more frenzied fun as you rebuild your farm in the wake of a hurricane! With dozens of exciting levels, vivid art and animation, and bonus features galore, Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season is going to blow you away!

    Use point and click skills to explore undreamt-of lively game levels until the consummation and solve so many clandestine enigmas - Farm Frenzy 4: Hurricane Season won't leave you cold. Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season will change your thoughts about Hidden Object, Puzzle PC games forever!

    Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season is a free download PC Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season for Windo ... Read more »

    Views: 1381 | Added by: games | Date: 2015-03-31 | Comments (0)

    Can you put a stop to masked avenger, starting fires and kidnapping nobility all over Coldstone in Grim Facade 6: Hidden Sins PC Game?

    Isaak Merel, the mayor of Coldstone invited you there to investigate kidnapping of his wife Lisbeth Merel. Kidnapper left a blackmail list on her bed. There were written who’s who list for this town, but Mayor’s wife from this list already kidnapped and Tom Stark – already killed. Mayor is afraid that others will become victims as well. He has a reason to be afraid – his name is also in the list. There’s a curfew in effect in town, avenger is setting fires all over the city, trying to start mayhem. Can you stop him and save Mayor’s wife? Find out, why this masked man committing such terrible crimes!

    Download Grim Facade: Hidden Sins PC Game, set the things right in the Coldstone in this dramatic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

    This ... Read more »

    Views: 2291 | Added by: games | Date: 2015-03-20 | Comments (1)

    Elephant Games Studios prepared for you eights installment of Grim Tales series! Investigate the murder where the only suspect is you in Grim Tales 8: The Final Suspect PC Game!

    Your heroine Anna Gray, famous private detective, awakened at 3:40 p.m. of July 9 in the hospital. There Anna found out from her niece Jackie that a murdered man, Howard Kelly, 24, college student, was found in her house and she’s the prime suspect! Police believes it was self-defense during the attempt to rob Gray’s house, but why student will go to rob? Unfortunately Anna has the amnesia caused by heavy concussion, so now she must investigate murder where she’s the suspect! Even murder weapon belong to Anna – it’s the pruners she used during gardening the front yard. But something is not right with this murder… Could you use your talents of detective to find out, what happened that day?

    Download Grim Tales Chapter VIII for PC f ... Read more »

    Views: 2947 | Added by: games | Date: 2015-02-05 | Comments (0)

    Escape from the isle, controlled by undead creature, feeding on its prisoners despair in Redemption Cemetery 6: The Island of the Lost PC Game!

    During unusual severe storm you saw scary figure, attacking you in the air, so your airplane strike the top of the lighthouse! You survived the crash landing, but your plane was totaled and now you are trapped onto a very strange and creepy island. Undead creature holds everyone who got there imprisoned to feed on their despair, but you can change everything and restore peace in the tortured souls! Save the boy, summon three souls to free them and many more! There are some elements, hidden in the game, which will lead you through the additional story and games. Collect them in your book.

    Download Redemption Cemetery 6, reach the lighthouse you crashed over on the nearby rock and light it to give a signal for the rescue team in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure to escape the island of the lost!

    ... Read more »
    Views: 1512 | Added by: games | Date: 2014-12-09 | Comments (0)

    Save your sister Corrine Rande from abandoned Barton Mansion in Whispering Hollows and find out, what happened with your parents there in Dark Dimensions 5: Homecoming PC Game!

    Your parents researched a phenomenon called Dark Dimensions and many years ago disappeared without a trace. Their trailer was found in the river, from inside it was covered with the red vines.

    You and Corrine grew up and she even became a cop to uncover the truth. Clue leads you to the Barton Mansion, which your parents were investigating when disappeared, but when you arrived, Corrine was taken inside by the paranormal red vines! Download Dark Dimensions 5 for PC for free, use help of Rocky, Corrine’s friend and feline partner to get inside the mansion and save Corrine, and find out, what happened with Robert Barton and why Mansion growing all these years in this scary Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

    ... Read more »

    Views: 1370 | Added by: games | Date: 2014-10-17 | Comments (0)

    Groth, the Soul Reaver, has kidnapped your daughter Jessica! Explore the dangerous world of the ancient castle and help release the captive souls whom you meet along the way. Can you solve the ingenious traps of the mysterious castle? Defeat Grot's magic and save Jessica!

    Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret first-rate PC game designed by premium class makers. Enjoy with this sprightly PC game Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret! Good luck!

    Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret is a free download Adventure / Hidden Object / Puzzle Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret for Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8. You need only a few minutes to get ... Read more »

    Views: 1069 | Added by: games | Date: 2014-10-08 | Comments (0)

    Save your fiance Ruben and Melanie from the claws of the maniac in Final Cut 4: The True Escapade PC Game!

    It’s the fourth time when someone tries to film The True Escapade, and each time during past attempts someone died or was badly injured on stage after some terrible accident, including Silverwood star John Alister. Local state and federal investigators tried to determine who is responsible for these events, but without effect. And now after balcony shot with your fiance Ruben and Victoria Ruben’s gun for the shooting scene was replaced by the real gun, so Ruben accidentally killed Brian! Moreover, Ruben and Melanie were kidnapped by the man, who caused all of this! Download this whodunit Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure and save both, trying to help your heroine Julia to survive by herself!

    This noble PC and Mac game intended for t ... Read more »

    Views: 1800 | Added by: games | Date: 2014-10-04 | Comments (0)

    Your healing skills are world-renowned, and you are summoned to the Kingdom of Eagles to cure a young queen who cannot speak in Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan Collector's Edition. Just after your arrival, the infant prince is kidnapped, and the queen is accused of dark magic, sentenced to death. Use your herbalism skills to solve puzzles and track down the real culprit. Not everything is as it seems and even the young queen has a dark secret of her own. Bring light back to the Swan Kingdom in this enchanting hidden-object puzzle adventure game.

    This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

    The Collector’s Edition includes: Bonus Gameplay and Integrated Strategy Guide.

    ... Read more »

    Views: 1312 | Added by: games | Date: 2014-09-27 | Comments (0)

    Felicity Adams smells huge story once again in Off The Record 3: The Art of Deception PC Game from Eipix Studios!

    The painting of a mythological quality was discovered when everyone thought it was lost forever, and Lisa Steiner, well-known artist, was assigned to restore it. And of course Felicity Adams decided to interview her.

    Travel to the quiet mountain town, where Lisa lives, find her house (Lisa Steiner is hiding her whereabouts and not responded to any requests for media interviews), find a way to convince her to talk about the painting and mystery of its resurfacing. Download this art-dedicated Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure, follow trail of Lisa’s mysterious boyfriend Felix and find out, where the painting was all these years!

    No. 1 gamedesign ju ... Read more »

    Views: 1269 | Added by: games | Date: 2014-09-25 | Comments (0)

    A powerful new evil is coming from the north. The Ice Queen, filled with anger and bent on revenge has cast a cold harsh winter upon the kingdoms in The Far Kingdoms 2: Winter Solitaire! Princess Arianna is our last hope, but she needs your help in her difficult journey. Only you can control the power of the magic cards. Display your solitaire skills and aid the Princess in her mission to defeat the Ice Queen before the land is sealed in eternal winter!

    Tasks of all kinds of Solitaire riddles are available to you from the beginning of hilarious The Far Kingdoms 2: Winter Solitaire game. Download sensational The Far Kingdoms 2: Winter Solitaire PC game for free and find enjoyment!

    ... Read more »

    Views: 1384 | Added by: games | Date: 2014-09-09 | Comments (0)

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